The short answer is YES!  The long answer is YES!
We strive to be able to help with control compatibility.  Stay tuned on our Discord to receive updates to changes to the city.
Yes! You can apply via Police Application in the Forums. Good Luck!
Yes! The more the merrier!
True Blue RP is a Whitelisted city.
Follow these steps to clear your cache:

Step 1. Close FiveM completely
Step 2. Right-click your FiveM Shortcut and click 'Open File Location'
Step 3. Double click FiveM Application Data > Cache
Step 4. Delete all files and folders EXCEPT the 'game' folder
Step 5. Reopen FiveM and connect to the server
You can create a ticket via #ticket-system in Discord and staff take it from there.
Please go to #ticket-system on Discord to file a player complaint and the Support team will help as soon as possible.
Yes, stay tuned for more details!
Yes, of course! We are open to all platforms, but keep in mind the TOS that your platform has.