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General Rules

1. You must have access to Discord.  This is primarily what we use to communicate regarding staff, tickets, bug reporting, city events, etc. Discord is also your key to the city if you're Whitelisted.

2. You must respect one another in and out of RP.  Derogatory remarks regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities, or sexual preference will not be tolerated.  Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in punishment.

3. If you have an issue, always use the chain of command.  Speak to Support then Staff before speaking to Admins.

4. Steam or Discord names deemed offensive will receive a warning/kick.  Please use appropriate names.  If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, you will be banned.

5. NEVER tag/mention Admins/Owners in Discord/Forums.

6. NEVER @ here, everyone, or Admins/Owners.

Common City Rules

1. Whitelisting Abuse 
Being Whitelisted is a privilege and should never be abused. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to: handing out police firearms, reviving friends as a medic while off-duty, repairing cars as a mechanic while off duty.

2. Microphone 
A microphone is required to join the server. If you are caught without a microphone, you will be kicked and a ban may be issued until you can prove to Staff that you have a working microphone. To check if your microphone is working, press “N” (default keybind) and check if the voice option in the bottom left lights up blue. If it does not, try restoring your defaults in Settings and try again.

3. No Exploiting or Hacking
Examples include: AFK farming, exploitation of in-game bugs, stream sniping. Exploiting or hacking will result in an immediate ban.

4. Recording (CIV)
Players may take pictures with their phones using the emote. They may record video using their phone's camera. The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass, etc.).

5. Loitering/Safe Zones around Emergency Buildings 
Loitering around police stations, hospitals, or mechanic shops without any roleplay stories is not permitted. Police stations and hospitals are classed as SAFE ZONES. No one should be engaging in violent behaviour in SAFE ZONES.

6. Jail Killing
You may not kill someone in jail to get them out of jail faster.

7. ATM Robbing 
You cannot rob civilians and take them to an ATM to withdraw money.

8. In-Game Issues 
If you have any issues about a situation inside the city, please wait until the roleplay is over to discuss it. Don't disrupt roleplay because a problem has arisen. Admins will generally not interrupt roleplay, but they may intervene if the situation has irreversible effects. If you want to dispute a player's actions, please go to #support on Discord to file a player complaint and the Support team will help as soon as possible.

9. Breaking RP 
When in the city, you must never break character unless being spoken to by Admin/Staff - there are NO exceptions.  We are here to participate in cooperative storytelling.  When in the city, stay in character.

10. Combat Logging
Logging off in the middle of a combat situation will never be tolerated. Doing so may result in a ban.

11. Combat Storing 
Storing items in the middle of combat to avoid being robbed or arrested is not allowed.

12. Metagaming 
Metagaming is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes any use of OOC knowledge gained from streams, Discord, Forums, or other players.

13. AFK 
Do not go AFK for periods longer than ten minutes. You will be kicked from the server. Repeated AFK offenses may result in a ban.

14.  RDM - (Random Death Match)
You must establish a roleplay-driven interaction with a character/player before you may justify killing them IC. Failure to do so many result in a ban.

15. VDM  (Vehicle Death Match)
Randomly running over characters in the city is not acceptable and will result in an instant ban. You may only use a vehicle as a weapon if they pose a threat, or you have a sufficient roleplay reason to do so. Police may pit maneuver fleeing criminals in extended car chases within reason.

16. Max Group 
The maximum number of criminals allowed per crime scene is 4. I.e.. 4 gang members can rob a bank, but no other parties may join them to help with the robbery. You may hang out socially in a large groups, but cannot participate in any criminal activities as a large group.

17.  NLR (New-Life Rule)  
If you character is harmed in any way in which they logically would not survive (headshots, multiple chest shots, drowning, burned to death, etc.), when you respawn you will have no memory of how you died or who killed you. You must roleplay having forgotten the last 30 minutes of roleplay, and you cannot return to the scene. If you are revived by EMS, there is no NLR rule, however you must RP your injuries.

18. Fear RP
Fearing for your life is required in roleplay interactions involving threats of harm. E.g., if you are alone in an alleyway and two gang members hold you at gunpoint, and you cannot escape without dying, you must roleplay as fearing for your life. Logically, you would follow all demands and never simply walk away with casual disregard.

19. /OOC Command 
Do not engage in conversation over /OOC. The /OOC channel in the city is for Staff assistance, not conversation. Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning, kick, or possible ban.

20. Transferring Assets 
Transferring money, vehicles, weapons, or other assets between your own characters is forbidden. If you have a logical reason within roleplay to do this, you may request an asset transfer on the Forums.

21. Water Escape
Criminals may escape via water, but MUST then swim to shore/land. You may not use scuba gear to escape the police.

22. Usage of Boats and Aircraft
If criminals are using any specialty vehicles during criminal activity (bank trucks), both parties must be aware of the situation prior to the activity. This can either be Staff or the highest ranking officer on-duty. This allows both sides of the roleplay interaction to have an equal playing field.

23. Use of Aircraft
Helicopters and airplanes must be treated the way one would in reality. You cannot land aircraft in the middle of a city street unless granted access by the Police Department. Failure to comply will result in a FailRP violation and a warning may be issued.

24. Robbing civilians
We do allows this, but you must have context to it, if you just robbing people for fun or targeting new people expect a ban.

25. Green Zones
Pillbox, Police stations are designated green zones no combat should be taking place in these areas unless if discussions was made with staff prior to the scenario.

26. Unrealistic Driving
Drive like you would IRL. there is a difference between reckless and unrealistic driving. Police will handle reckless driving, and admins will handle unrealistic driving. Examples include: Jumping vehicle off ramps, taking a sports car up a mountain, ramming your vehicle constantly without RP intent.

Usage of Radio Communications:
Radio communications must be broadcast both in-game as well as to third-party software we're using for radio communications.(TeamSpeak)

All on-duty police, medical personnel, or members of a criminal organization participating in criminal activity must be in their respective TeamSpeak channel.

Emergency Services:
1. Ambush 
6+ Officers MUST be on-duty before you ambush LEO. Please still keep in mind the 4 criminals per scene rule.

2. Hostage (Cop) 
7+ Officers MUST be on-duty before you to take a LEO hostage. This includes taking an officer in order to release a friend from custody.

3. Weapons (Cop) 
Officers do not have to give criminals their weapons during an ambush/hostage situation unless both parties agree. Lack of mutual agreement is powergaming.

4. Robbing of police
Robbing Police is not permitted, this incluses hostage situation or when an officer is down, you can NOT rob them unless the above rules have been applied. With no intentions or scenes this will come across as powergaming and you will recieve a ban or kick.

5. Unrealistic Revival 
When you are revived, you are in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic. Likewise, you must roleplay your injuries once leaving EMS custody.

6. EMS/FIRE Kidnap
On-duty EMS/FIRE may not be kidnapped. If given a sufficient roleplay reason to do so, you may harm a medic. I.e., the medic refused to cooperate even when threatened.

7. Cop Baiting 
Cop baiting is not permitted. This includes taking actions in order to incite a police chase and/or engagement with you, especially in instances where you wish to start a firefight. Constantly passing officers to get their attention is not allowed.

8. Unrealistic Phone Use 
Using your phone while in police custody or when severely injured/dead is considered FailRP – This includes phone calls, texts messages, and tweeting.

9. Emergency Vehicles

Stealing any Emergency without an purpose or context will be kick or ban with appeal. This includes any Police, QAS or QFRS vehicles. You have been warned


Streamers are the owners of their own stream. Allowing viewers to watch their stream while playing on the server simultaneously is their choice. They may report a player if they have made clear that being in the city and watching their stream is not allowed. (Either all of your viewers can watch and play, or none of them can. It is an all inclusive rule.) Regardless of the streamers choice, using OOC knowledge from what you see in their stream (location, IC information, etc.) is stream sniping and a server rule violation. Anyone who witnesses a violation of this rule may take screenshots as evidence and go to #ticket-system on Discord to file a player complaint.

Staff/Support Team
1. Disrespecting Admins/Staff/Support 
Staff Members are fulfilling their roles on True Blue RP when making decisions. Do not make their lives difficult by disrespecting them with verbal or written abuse. Abuse or disrespect of Staff will not be tolerated. If you wish to report a Staff infraction, go to #support on Discord to file a Support/Staff complaint.

2. Spamming  
Messaging Staff multiple times through Discord, Forums, or TeamSpeak will result in delays of your request. Each member of Staff has their own reason for not responding the first time, so if you do not get a timely response, please be patient.

3. Staff Abuse  
If a Staff member is caught abusing his/her power with clear evidence and no clear reasoning, they will be dealt with depending on the severity of the issue. If you witness a Staff infraction, go to #support on Discord to file a Support/Staff complaint.

4. Staff Discretion 
TBRP Staff reserve the right to restrict access to our services (game server, Discord, TeamSpeak, Forums) at their own discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, players intentionally causing issues, players unwilling to resolve disputes, players who display resistance to correcting rule violations.

5. Approaching Staff In-Game
NEVER approach Staff in-game regarding OOC issues unless there is immediate danger to the server itself.

6. Equal
All Staff will be treated as a normal civilians in-game. Staff will not receive any special treatment in the city. All matters arising from concerns regarding player equality will be handled by the Admin team.


The short answer is YES!  The long answer is YES!
We strive to be able to help with control compatibility.  Stay tuned on our Discord to receive updates to changes to the city.
Yes! You can apply via Police Application in the Forums. Good Luck!
Yes! The more the merrier!
True Blue RP is a Whitelisted city.
Follow these steps to clear your cache:

Step 1. Close FiveM completely
Step 2. Right-click your FiveM Shortcut and click 'Open File Location'
Step 3. Double click FiveM Application Data > Cache
Step 4. Delete all files and folders EXCEPT the 'game' folder
Step 5. Reopen FiveM and connect to the server
You can create a ticket via #ticket-system in Discord and staff take it from there.
Please go to #ticket-system on Discord to file a player complaint and the Support team will help as soon as possible.
Yes, stay tuned for more details!
Yes, of course! We are open to all platforms, but keep in mind the TOS that your platform has.


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